The Visionary Art of Elizabeth Paxson
Not In Kansas Anymore
Dye & Collage
35" X 45"
Not In Kansas Anymore c 2006 E. Paxson

This morning when I woke
I heard the windows rattle,
Cymbals, trains and howling brass
And lowing of the cattle.

Looking out toward the west
Where darkling masses form,
I felt my house tear from the ground
And rise into the storm.

Clinging to a book of prayers
I found myself adrift,
Until at last the house came down
And fell into a rift.

Climbing from my ruined shack
I slowly pried the door,
Astonished by the vibrant hue
I’m not in Kansas anymore!

Not in Kansas anymore
Free from black and white and gray,
I’m not in Kansas anymore.

Tripping through the rainbow light
All the trees did sing,
Red tornados danced in time
Yet never harmed a thing.

I heard the music in my soul
There was no need for fear,
I threw away my book of prayers
I’ll never need them here.

Enveloped in a cosmic wind
Releasing me and mine,
Traveling like a tufted seed
I drank the giddy wine.

In dervish dance I spin and sail
I sing the rocks and birds,
No body to confine me now
No need for useless words.

Large piece framed with plexi-glass- Shipping costs not included. Weighs about 35 lbs. Please send a message with your location.

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