The Visionary Art of Elizabeth Paxson
Madonna of the Bees
Oil on canvas
Madonna of the Bees, an oil on canvas, was part of an installation created for Artprize, 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The installation was a tribute to the honey bee, and the crisis we face with the loss of pollinators. The show included interactive sculptures, light and sound.

Fine giclee prints are available in several sizes. Please send a request for more information.

"Black Madonnas" have for centuries been representative of the Earth Mother, and took their inspiration from more ancient goddesses, such as Isis.

Andrew Harvey puts it this way: “The Black Madonna is the transcendent Kali-Mother, the black womb of light out of which all of the worlds are always arising and into which they fall, the presence behind all things, the darkness of love and the loving unknowing into which the child of the Mother goes when his or her illumination is perfect.”

You can learn more about the Balck Madonna at:
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