The Visionary Art of Elizabeth Paxson
"Busted" show at Michigan Artists Gallery, Opens Sept. 8, 2017
Three of Elizabeth Paxson's paper mache sculptures are included in the fall show entitled "Busted," featuring busts, many based on the works of famous artists.
"Cheated Girl in a Red Hat" looks back to Vermeer's "Girl With a Red Hat," but with a twist. The show is a spin-off from the previous and hugely successful spring show called "Channeling Picasso." Paxson was one of 43 artists invited to create a work based on Picasso's "Woman in a Green Hat." Her piece, entitled "Liberty Lady in a Green Refugee Hat" infused the recent refugee crisis into the subject.

"Busted" article:
"Channeling Picasso" a huge success at Michigan Artists Gallery
In June of 2017, 43 artists were invited to create works based on the Picasso painting called "Woman in a Green Hat." Elizabeth Paxson's sculptural piece "Liberty Lady in a Green Refugee Hat" gave a political slant to the subject.

Higher Art Gallery
The collage works of Elizabeth Paxson are now available at Higher Art Gallery which opened in November of 2016. Located at 126 S. Union Street, in the heart of beautiful downtown Traverse City, Michigan
The Art Mixer
The Art Mixer
Group show at the Grand Traverse Distillery
Front St., Traverse City, Michigan
in Show for month of May, 2016

The Art Mixer
Grand Traverse Regional Arts Campus (Leelanau Studios)
is hosting the Art Mixer for a group show from July 15 through 23, 2016.
Three new works are included.

Opening July 22.
Corner of Cherry Bend and M-22
Traverse City, Michigan
Large Works- Upcoming Group Show
The Art Mixer- Opens May 6th, 2016
through month of May
Grand Traverse DistilleryTasting Room
215 E Front Street
Traverse City, MI 49684
(231) 946-1259
Outer Lands, Inner Worlds- One Woman Show
at Unitarian Universalist Congregagtion, Traverse City, Michigan
Sept.-Oct., 2015
Northern Express
"The Heart and Soul of Elizabeth Paxson"
Sacred Hive at Art Prize 2012
SACRED HIVE is an installation comprised of over a dozen sculptures, (fiber, wood, clay and recycled assemblage,) oil painting, lights and sound, created for Art Prize, 2012.

The installation is a tribute and homage to the sacred honey bee, and the principle of living in harmony with the earth. The connection to Mother Earth is represented by the Madonna of the Bees, a black Madonna in the tradition of black Madonnas around the world.

In keeping with the theme, repurposed, eco-friendly and recycled materials have been used wherever possible. Lights and sound are an integral part of the exhibit.

Sacred Hive is the featured exhibit at the Art Prize venue, First United Methodist Church on Fulton Street, downtown Grand Rapids, from Sept. 19 through Oct. 7th. Singer/songwriter Anne Hills, whose song "Exile" is being featured in this exhibit, will be giving a concert at the venue on Oct. 6th. For more information, contact Eric Strand at FUMC, 616-451-2879, or go to:
ELizabeth Paxson
SHOWS 2012

Lowell Arts- Collage, Assemblage & Construction
Accepted: "Red Pony"
Juried exhibition, Sept. 11 through October 21, 2012. For more information:

Art Prize 2012, Grand Rapids, Michigan, International Art Competition:
Featured artist installation, "Sacred Hive"
Venue:1st United Methodist Church, Sept. 19- Oct.7

In 2011 artists from 39 countries participated in ArtPrize. In addition to artists, curators, jurors, speakers, educators, press, critics and visitors from all over the world flood Grand Rapids, Mi to participate in awarding the worlds largest prize for art.

SACRED HIVE will be an installation comprised of painting, sculpture and sound, creating a shrine to the sacredness of the honeybee, and our connection to the earth. One purpose of the installation is to enlighten viewers on the plight of the endangered bees. It will be the featured exhibit at this venue. All works are created primarily from recycled, re-purposed and eco-friendly materials.

Celebration of the Arts – 39th Annual Juried Spiritual Art Competition,
Feb. 10-22, 2012, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Interlochen Arts Academy 50th Reunion Show- May 2012

For more information:,