The Visionary Art of Elizabeth Paxson
Evening AscendsBluffside SunsetAutumn Came WhisperingThe Infinity WIndowRecurring ThoughtNest Among Yellow BirchesSpectacular Flight-sold 2017I Wait No More AlnoeThree Shining PoolsLost CivilizationFeathersBubbling SpringsBeauty in DiversityMaybe We Can Swim HereCat TailsBright SolitudeRiver in the Key of GoldBy Way of MoonThe Clearing- (sold)It Ran Through Here SomewhereFound a FeatherA Wanderer is Never LostFence Row at SunsetFollow Them if you Want ToLight Always Comes ThroughThe Wood Between the WorldsO Jelly, Where is they Sting?Las MariposasThe Last MonarchsMiracles in the Blue ForestIt All Leads to GoldFruiting BodiesPaper BirchesBeeches Among GoldIf I Told You a SecretTaking FLightJust Follow the PoolsThe Pool Where Things Fall InOut of the WoodsBeeches at SunsetTo Walk the Dappled PathChillin' On the ReefSchooling BehaviorGreen PoolLast LightBlue ForestShooting StarGiraffe TreeOrange GroveStrange WeatherDive DeeperInfiltrationRed Trees by the LakeEight PoolsBirches and FungiAmanitasSkunk CabbageChanterellesPathLittle Stream in the WoodRed ForestMicroWhat Lies BeneathSecrets of the Trees- Sold 2018Waiting to be BornEmbracing Differences- (a Conversation)Talking to the Sky SerpentJesus & Buddha Exchange Numbers
(sold)First Kiss at Lost River
(sold)Green TaraSwamp CircusComing to the HealingGold on the RIverDreaming of a TempleRemembering the WillowsSign of Frida

Medium to Small Works

Pieces ranging from 5" X 7" up to 30"